Bot or Not


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Image of HAL9000 the computer from 2001 : A Space Odyssey

…it can only be attributable to human error…

Benjamin Laird and Oscar Schwartz put together a really cool little site for the recent Digital Writers’Festival, called Bot or Not. The site presents you with a selection of 10 (unattributed) poems in a quiz format, and for each poem you must guess whether it was written by a computer (Bot) or a human (Not).

Trust me, the results will surprise you.

When I tried it out, I was stumped by a poem which she thought was a computer-generated Gerard Manley Hopkins mash-up, but was really an actual poem by Hopkins. Oops. I suppose human poets can become parodies of themselves sometimes….


What is anagramANAGRAM ?


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anagramANAGRAM is a cross-artform creative and performance collective.

We are Dismantle Him, Carnal Enforce, and Transfer Killer – and we are coming for you!

Group pic of anagramANAGRAM showing all three members


We love poetry, books, text objects, colour, abstract art, performance, and the Internet Anagram Server.

Here is a little bit of fun animation Carnal Enforce made recently, based on a concept by Dismantle Him.

Picture of letterpress blocks spelling out 'process is a text'

A still from Carnal Enforce’s animation

And here is some work Transfer Killer and Dismantle Him did together at the beginning of this century.

Picture of Transfer Killer and Dismantle Him

Dismantle Him and Transfer Killer playing nicely together

  • Acrostic poem Virginia Woolf by Dismantle Him (Mapless in Underland 2004), responding to work made by Transfer Killer for If U Were Mine exhibition, 2003

Veiled in muslin,
Intellect like a steel ribbon.
Reaching up for new words, you fought the weight of your                                                                   father;
Grappling with the old rigour, energy, dominance,
Insanity. You pored over the Odyssey as a girl,
Never suspecting the birds would later sing to you in Greek.
‘I meant to write about death, only life came breaking in
As usual.’

Was it death, or life, dragged you under?
Ouse was the name of your last river,
Ophelia’s your grand gesture:
Lying white as lilies on the bottom,
Failing, like sunlight over empires.

Image of painting by Transfer Killer

Painting by Transfer Killer using words by Dismantle Him (c) Transfer Killer 2002

Image of work by Transfer Killer

Work by Transfer Killer using a poem by Dismantle Him (c) Transfer Killer 2004